Ketunpolun F

Pjotr Deabei x Ketunpolun Atu

6 males and 1 female born 04.03.2012

Ketunpolun F KoiraNet

Fearless Fellow Aino Lakiasuo 0 full scissors 05/2015 euthanasia, 02/2015 perianal fistulas (wasn’t treatable and spread to paws), castrated
Fire Socks Jens Helenelund 2 full scissors Large white marks on front feet and chest
Firefox Laura Lehtimäki 1 full scissors
Fistful of fire Merja Mäkinen 1 full scissors BOS puppy castrated
Flaming Star Tarja Särkkä 2 full scissors EXC Finnish character test +138 points no reaction on shooting, AGI1, AGI2 Immunological skin condition, transferred to Finnish EJ-register (cannot be used to breeding)
For You Hanna Hautaluoma 1 full scissors BH 07/2015 euthanasia, 06/2015 perianal fistulas (not confirmed by vet), 2014 eyes plasmoma (constant treatment with cortisone), castrated
Foxy Atunka Sirpa Tammela female full scissors BOB puppy, BOB, Cacib, CAC  BH BIS 1 Junior in Finnish Specialty 2013