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I’ve been a belgian shepherd owner since 1991. After a long thought I decided in 1999 it was time to start breeding the kind of belgian shepherds I prefer and would like to own. As a breeder I recognize that not every female nor male is suitable for breeding. My goal is to breed healthy dogs for all kinds of sports. Most of all I hope that every Ketunpolun puppy will become the owner’s best friend, a loved and well cared family dog. I will not sell a puppy to live a life outside in a fence, because that is not the way to keep a belgian shepherd. The best way is to have them being part of your everyday life!

Piia Salonen ja kaksi belgian paimenkoiraa

Piia Salonen
Koskelankatu 18, 35800 Mänttä Finland
mobile: +358 50 325 0973 / e-mail: ketunpolun @ gmail.com

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